Terms and conditions

Conditions of participation for the 2016 IFS-Conference “On the Move – At Home in the World” in Berlin, taking place from the 28th of September until the 1st of October 2016.


Enrollment for the conference can only be processed via www.onthemove2016.com. To successfully register, please fill in your personal details by selecting the menu item “Application and Fees” and complete the process by selecting “Send”. By registering for the “On The Move – At Home in the World“ conference, you acknowledge the organizer of the conference as a contracting party. You are therefore obliged to pay the incurred participation fee.

Upon registration the organizer will receive your details and review whether all mandatory information has been provided. Should no further inquiry be necessary, you will receive a confirmation for your registration. This will also serve as consent to the contractual agreement.

Participation Fee

Upon receipt of the invoice, the participation fee will be due for payment. In case you chose the payment option “Transfer”, please ensure to transfer the billed amount as soon as you receive the invoice. Further payment options provided include credit card, which can be accessed during the final steps of registration. Accommodation is not included in the fee, though we have arranged special contingents with selected hotels. You can find the contact details for each hotel via the menu item “Hotels and Accommodation”. Please note that you will have to organize your accommodation on your own accord.

Default payments

The participating party falls into payment default if he or she breaches the payment deadline and does not provide the payment within 30 days of the deadline or receipt of the invoice.


Any cancellation for the conference will have be stated in written form and sent to the organizer (Contact: Nachbarschafts- und Selbsthilfezentrum in der ufafabrik e.V., Viktoriastraße 13, 12105 Berlin, Tel./Fax 0049 / 30 / 75 50 31 92, E-Mail: ). In case of a cancelation prior to the 31.08.2016, no further costs will be charged and the complete participation fee will be refunded.

In case of a cancellation between the 01.09.2016 and the 26.09.2016, 50% percent of the participation fee will be refunded e.g. 50% of the fee will be withheld.

In case of a cancelation after the 26.09.2016, none participation fee will be refunded e.g. 100% will be withheld.

You will have the option to name a person, to take part in conference instead of you, should you not be able to participate. In this case no participation fee will be refunded and the participating party will still be obliged to pay the fee to take part in the conference, should he or she still have an outstanding payment to make.

Safeguarding Clause

Should the regulation of the participation fee be void, then the efficacy of the remaining regulations shall not be influenced by this.

Cancellation Policy

The consumer has the right to cancel his or her participation in the conference within 14 days of registering. This cancellation must be clearly stated in written form and sent to us within 14 days of registration via Mail, Telefax or E-Mail (Contact: Nachbarschafts- und Selbsthilfezentrum in der ufafabrik, Viktoriastraße 13, D-12105 Berlin; Tel./Fax: (030) 755 03 192, Email: ). To ensure the cancellation period, it will suffice that you send us the written cancellation before expiration of the of cancellation period.

Follow-up to a cancellation

Should you cancel the contract, we will provide you with a refund within 14 days of receiving your cancellation. We will use the same method of payment for the refund that you initially used for paying the participation fee.