Below you find the lectures and workshop presentations of the conference. In addition to that, there are clips of the keynote speeches and lectures of the plenary session as well as of the panel discussion. There is also a photo gallery with picutres of the different conference days.

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Opening by Michael Zisser

Human Rights oriented Social Work with Refugees by Nivedita Prasad

Social Work as an International Approach by Stephan Wagner (in German) (in English)


Workshop A1: Historical Insights of NH Movement in Metro Vancouver – Canada

Workshop A2: Neighborhood Houses and the Refugee Crisis in Nigeria – Nigeria

Workshop A3: Looking at another Way of Welcoming Refugees – France

Workshop A4: Status and Contribution of Refugees and Migrants in India  – India

Workshop A5: 3H – Hate and Help in Hungary – Hungary | The Australian Neighborhood Movement – Australia

Workshop A6: NH as a Place-based Policy Mechanism to Support Immigrants’ Settlement – Canada

Workshop A7: “Anyone Who Knows the Word ‘Asylum’ Can Enter” The diverse Responses to Refugee Situation – Finland

Workshop A8: IFS Youth and Expert Exchanges – In the Past and in the Future

Workshop B2: Working With Homeless and Street-involved Youth within a Youth Development Context – USA | Cooking Across Cultures – Canada

Workshop B3: Canadian Refugee and Immigrant Settlement and Sustaining Welcoming – Canada  |  Summary

Workshop B4: IFS and the United Nations – USA | If I Know Better…I Can Serve Better Part 1- USAIf I Know Better…I Can Serve Better Part 2- USA

Workshop C1: Leadership Through Governance: Caring For Your Board of Directors – USA

Workshop C3: Engagement of Seniors From Multi-Ethnic Communities – Canada

Workshop C5: Successful Implementation of a Parent Group Model in Early Childhoods- USA

Workshop C8: Community Work and Economic Self-help in Neighborhoods with Refugees – Germany

Workshop C9: Financial Empowerment and Advocacy: Beyond Financial Literacy / Improving Work in our out of the Informal Economy – Canada


Opening by Renate Wilkening and Prof. Dr. Stephan Wagner

Opening by Boris Velter

Opening by Prof. Dr. rer.pol. Rolf Rosenbrock

Keynote Speech by Prof. Barbara John

Keynote Speech by Michael H. Zisser

Lecture “The European Refugee Situation and Forgotten Displacement Crises” by Martin Rentsch

Lecture “Human Rights oriented Social Work with Refugees” by Prof. Dr. Nivedita Prasad

Lecture “Social Work as an International Approach” by Prof. Dr. Stephan F. Wagner

Lecture “NHs as a Community Capacity Building Mechanism for Immigrants” by Dr. Miu Chang Yan, Dr. Sean Lauer, Karen Larcombe and Shelley Jorde

Panel Discussion B10: How Can Integration be Successful? 

Closing by Pentti Lemmetyinen

Closing by Melissa Aase

Closing by Renate Wilkening and Stephan Wagner

We are thanking the French Federation of Social Centers for producing the following four thematic clips of the conference: IFS Congress 2016 – Patchwork, NH-Grass roots organisations welcoming migrants, Cultural openess-migrants’ integration, Empowerment in the heart of immigration