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IFS Conference

IFS organizes an international conference for its members and colleagues every two years. The conference “On the Move – At Home in the World” will take place in Berlin, Germany in 2016. The main organizers of the conference are the Neighborhood and Self-Help Centre in the ufaFabrik e.V. (NUSZ) and the Association for Social and Cultural Work e.V. (VskA).

Against the backdrop of worldwide political crises, wars, many social and political conflicts as well as other conditions (poverty, climate change), migration and the number of people fleeing their homes is increasing globally. Millions of people are “on the move” in the search of safety and a better life. Many IFS members from around the world and their communities are faced with the effects, opportunities and challenges of this global movement in their daily work. An important task for neighborhood, district and community centers is to intensely contribute to the integration of these displaced people and to build bridges between local residents and their new neighbors.

From their continuous support and collaboration with displaced people and migrants, many civil society organizations have gained extensive knowledge and practical experience working with these new neighbors.

Various political and social situations will be highlighted and discussed during the conference. Practical approaches and best-practice examples will illustrate what possibilities exist for developing a welcoming culture as well as a welcoming structure. This will in turn enable the new neighbors to be welcomed, supported and integrated from the beginning. The goal of the conference is to provide the participants with extensive knowledge and ideas for their future work with displaced people, migrants and their communities.


IFS (International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Center) is an association of national, regional and local organizations working to strengthen neighborhoods and communities around the world. IFS’s mission is to build an inclusive global community by empowering, inspiring and connecting people who are working locally for social justice.



The Neighborhood and Self-Help Center at ufaFabrik (NUSZ), founded in 1987, is a nonprofit organization and includes recognized social institutions located in different districts within Berlin. The central idea at NUSZ is to help people live their lives independently and responsibly. NUSZ has been home to the IFS Europe office since 2012.


Association for Social and Cultural Work

The Association for Social and Cultural Work e.V. is a federation of associations which work for the community and promote civil engagement. The association supports this work, is committed to both the development of existing associations as well as the foundation of such associations and projects. It promotes the sharing of knowledge between its members as well as the connection to related institutions in Germany and abroad.


IFS-Conference 2006: “Under One Roof – Neighborhood Centers as Bridges among Generations”

In 2006, the Association for Social and Cultural Work e.V. and the Neighborhood and Self-Help Center at ufaFabrik (NUSZ) have already organized the IFS Conference “Under One Roof – Neighborhood Centers as Bridges among Generations”. The conference took place at the ufaFabrik from 04.-08.10.2006. In this video you get a short and interesting impression of the conference: IFS Konferenz 2006